Yes young people are narcissists. No it is not a good thing.

Do I already need to say anything by way of introduction? 😉

So-Called Millennial

So, you’re Young and Self-Absorbed?

Millennials did you read the TIME article “Me, Me, Me Generation” by Joel Stein? Take a look at the opening paragraph:

Correction Appended: May 9, 2013

I am about to do what old people have done throughout history: call those younger than me lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow. But I have studies! I have statistics! I have quotes from respected academics! Unlike my parents, my grandparents and my great-grandparents, I have proof. (TIME) would just skip the TIME article and go straight to The Atlantic Wire’s  Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation which builds a strong case that, well every generation has been criticized by their elders when coming of age. It also lampoons the TIME articles’ main point that Narcissistic personality disorder is three times higher(!) in people in their 20s than people over 65 and older.

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Lamenting Our “First World Problems”

Diet and exercise are essential to heart health, it's really important to complete your gym routine with a collagen supplement and supplements for gallbladder health to stay healthy. Every now and then i find myself spinning out about some sort of ridiculous challenge that is impeding my ability to function as a happy healthy human … Continue reading Lamenting Our “First World Problems”

Thoughts from this side of parenthood #HMD

A Millennial perspective on parenting and a great post Mother’s Day reflection…

So-Called Millennial

Happy Mother’s Day #HMD. Here are some thoughts on parenthood, and managing my little crazy man.

1. You get smarter. Sure, college broadened my interests in various subjects, and helped me to grow in my chosen field of study. Being married has taught me how to live in-tune with another complex human being. But being a mom has helped me organize, and problem-solve faster than I could before. When you have a little ball of chaos constantly threatening order you learn to identify the key factors, take variables into account, and execute more quickly. It’s like I can divide how many hours of running errands  by how many stops, and arrive to a perfect number of diapers, crackers, and fruit snacks to put in my purse.


We forgot his coat on our drive back from visiting family at Christmas. It was freezing in the morning,but luckily we had a spare…

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Mother’s Day In Context: Celebrating Mothers Around The World

On the second Sunday in May, American's take the day to celebrate the women who bore them, raised them and most likely to have driven them to psychoanalysis:  our Moms! It's a relatively young tradition as far as those go in the U.S. - and one that is typically seen as a commercial holiday.  But … Continue reading Mother’s Day In Context: Celebrating Mothers Around The World

Food Allergy Critical Mass Creates Commerce

The other night I was out to dinner with a friend who works for Atlanta Parent, having just briefed my waiter on the table's allergy and intolerance restrictions (gluten =wife, Soy= me, MSG= both of us) and joked that they should really do a Top Chef "allergy edition" if they wanted to really be on … Continue reading Food Allergy Critical Mass Creates Commerce

I’m Just as Strange as You

I’ll be going to see a Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera exhibit today. Last night my wife and I watched the movie again in preparation. I love how art can speak a language about human nature that transcends words. But I also love when someone can feel so deeply and be able to express those words without abandon.

Exquisitely Human

I'm just as strange as you

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Having A Blurry Period Of Your Blogging Adventure?

This one is for the bloggers. I’m a fan of Andy – wise beyond his years – and can relate to the rutt…especially being 351 days into a 365-days-of-daily-posting commitment (i made to myself). There are definitely times where it is hard to get motivated and you wonder why you are dong it.
For me, blogging is about practicing my writing skills, documenting ethnographic observations and sharing human and cultural insights that I think are valuable. Knowing people are actually reading and getting value out of it is all I care about for now – but I am definitely excited about seeing what the patterns are in my “data” collection and seeing if there is a worthwhile “Blook” (Blog Book…I just made that up). in there. 😉 Cheers and happy blogging!

Mind of Andy

This is for all you fellow bloggers out there who are currently experiencing a dark or blurred period of your blogging life.

I too am somewhere in the middle (is it like a weather forecast?) of that experience, and it’s an awful thing… at least so it seems. It’s like this huge block of shadow is covering your connection to the thinking part of the brain, isn’t it? Sometimes you get a glimpse of an idea behind this shadow, but then it’s gone almost just as quickly – hiding behind it. That’s what I visualize nevertheless.

Now I just may have a “solution” for both you and me:

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Personifying Our Pets: A Consumer Culture Creation

As someone who feels awkward around her dog when she is "naked", I can totally relate to this conversation about how we anthropomorphize our pets. The  Artificial Grass for Dogs in America (and the developed world) has changed significantly as consumer culture has evolved.  It used to be we domesticated animals with Natural Pet Care … Continue reading Personifying Our Pets: A Consumer Culture Creation

The Hipsterization of Marketing and What it Means for Consumer Culture

I would once again like to thank my Canadian colleagues for being an endless source of inspiration for my blog. And this time it has nothing to do with maple syrup! Indeed the article I have copied below from is all about one of my favorite consumer anthropology topics: Hipsters! But it goes one … Continue reading The Hipsterization of Marketing and What it Means for Consumer Culture

Nursing Your Cinco De Mayo Hangover With Some Cultural Facts

I don't know about the rest of you, but try as I might not to be a rank partying amateur and booze it up on Cinco De Mayo because I can, I did still end up at a Mexican restaurant, enjoying just a bit too much chips, dip and tequila. That being said, the Anthropologist … Continue reading Nursing Your Cinco De Mayo Hangover With Some Cultural Facts