Social Responsibility Served Up With Niche-Oriented Subtelty

As I was mindlessly flipping through the CB2 catalogue this morning, daydreaming about what the furniture in my beach house might look like if I "had a million dollars", I spotted this My heart smiled big and I shared it on my friend's Facebook page who I know rescues Pit Bulls and has a soft … Continue reading Social Responsibility Served Up With Niche-Oriented Subtelty

The Relevance of Cultural Heritage Professionals

When was the last time you went to a museum? Maybe an art museum or a historical museum or a cultural museum? Do you see Museum’s as an experience for the “elite” or is that a thing of the past?
I really appreciate this perspective on the importance of cultural heritage professionals and the role of the museum from both a cultural and sociological perspective. With changing times comes evolving roles. And in North America in particular where we have such a young country influenced by a uniquely diverse set of cultural heritage contexts, i think it’s becoming more and more important to preserve, learn, appreciate and revel in the cultural history that makes us an “us” and reminds us of our shared human heritage.
Yet another thankless profession in the practice of “narcissistic anthropology”. 😉

Other Voices

A few months ago I posted a Museum Practices seminar student, Leila Hamdan’s response to the following question:

Put yourself in the position of John or Josephine Q. Public. In the current economic chaos, the bank is foreclosing on their home, they have lost their jobs, and the city just reduced their public services. In referring to the National Endowment for the Arts and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the House Budget Committee recently arguedthat “The activities and content funded by these agencies…are generally enjoyed by people of higher income levels, making them a wealth transfer from poorer to wealthier citizens.” Isn’t your research or the position you aspire to as a museum professional just another example of this wealth transfer? What do John and Josephine Q. Public get for their tax dollars that fund your research/position?

Since that time, I have asked these questions of my…

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Rise of Millennial Cynicism

So-Called Millennial

Just like you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, I think you probably shouldn’t blog when in a bad mood. Which I am in, after reading The New York Times this morning. The article For ‘Millennials,’ a Tide of Cynicism and a Partisan Gap interviews three Millennials who all have a cynical view of Washington, are tired of the “gridlock” and feel that “there’s too much fighting going on between the parties.”

Mr. Welsh, a registered independent; Ms. Hermann, a Democrat; and Mr. Durgin, a Republican — reflect what political analysts see as a troubling trend:the idealism of youth is slipping away, replaced by mistrust and a growing partisan divide among voters under 30. These so-called millennials [ 🙂 ], who turned out in droves to elect Mr. Obama in 2008, are increasingly turned off by politics. Experts fear their cynicism may become permanent.

Lesser of Two Evils

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Hypepotamus: The Atlanta Creative Class Creating Their Own Empowerment Platform

My favorite thing about the Creative Class as a growing sub-culture, economic force and general psychographic is the mindset that you don't have to change the system from within the system. Rather, you change the system by inventing a new one! Kevin Wallace  and Health Hyneman are both native Atlantans, entrepreneurs and innovators with proven … Continue reading Hypepotamus: The Atlanta Creative Class Creating Their Own Empowerment Platform

Millennial medium chill: What the screwed generation can teach us about happiness

I always love a good perspective on the Millennial generation, especially when it's written from a Millennial perspective. There are a number of studies, articles and other points of view from people like me who take an active interest in the culture and sociology of this generation that currently represents everyone from teenagers to those … Continue reading Millennial medium chill: What the screwed generation can teach us about happiness