My Future Dream Job: DEO

And by dream job, I mean – this is the role I will create for myself. It’s all about self-authorship and the image below is the “cloud” of my life.
I am reading Rise Of The DEO  by Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland as research for a client white paper I am writing on prioritizing macroforces and identifying trends in the “golden triangle” of business, government and civil society (NGOs, etc.).

It’s my favorite time of year when my most forward-thinking clients call me to use their remaining budgets to help their organizations think more critically about their business strategy by getting a sociocultural perspective on “whats going on out there” , “does it matter to us” and “if so, what should we do about it”.

In this case I am thrilled to find that, despite my frustration  of late with the misguided grind and the slow pace of change among corporate leadership (those Boomers just can’t seem to get with the program!  😉  ),  I can remain affirmed that my way about the world is not just a whimsical cartoon drawing flitting about  and disrupting an otherwise very carefully constructed  and delicate matrix, but indeed at the apex of change.

So, go forth ye dreamers, risk takers  and socially aware people-persons – you are on the right track and I hope to work with you at the end of the rainbow and the beginning of the next big thing


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