First World Problems in a Third World Context

I have posted a few tongue-in-cheek blogs about my / “our” respective “first world problems”: those consumer culture driven annoyances that tend to stop us in our tracks and allow us to whine before we really think about it.

For example, to quote my favorite new Facebook page discovery, :

“Everyone is looking forward to the weekend but I have to work all weekend” or “I can’t update my Facebook status on my iPhone with my golf gloves on”

You get the picture. And it’s ridiculous.Well, if you would like an even more incisive dose of contextual perspective – here is a video my wife forwarded me: of Third-worlders (mostly children) reading first world problems.

Pass it along and take a moment to think about it, while I get over the first world problem I am having right now, which is getting this video to post without the ads plastered on top of it. :/