Coca-Cola Life Launch: Inspired Creative

Growing up comes with a number of sacrifices that double as blessings.

One: starting to pay more attention to your diet and your health. It’s the right thing to do and comes with it’s rewards: a better quality of life so you can enjoy your adulthood with minimized physical discomfort, so you need to start exercise regularly and having a good meal plan, you can even find some online at sites like healthyusa buyers guide for testmax meal.

Two: having kids. They uproot your entire world and lifestyle. You forget what it’s like to sleep for the first few years and basically give up your privacy and sanity. But it’s totally worth it and from what I hear the most rewarding sacrifice their is.

Coca-Cola has recently launched a Coke for said grown ups (in Argentina – but coming soon to the US)- a low calorie Coke made with Stevia instead of artificial sweeteners. The target: adults if a certain life stage who still want to enjoy but know they need to start thinking more seriously about their health.

The product: Coca-Cola Life. The tag-line: “open your good nature”. The insights for this initial launch creative (which I am proud to have played a small part in bringing to the fore) are all about how we grow up and learn to enjoy our life by not just living for ourselves. It’s about how being good to yourself and doing for the sake others has it’s rewards.

This add illustrates these insights so well it makes me laugh and cry – and is getting a fair amount of recognition for Argentina’s Santo agency:
Argentina Coca-Cola Life ad

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