Breaking Breakfast News: Froot Loops Are All the Same Flavor

When I’m at home, I always take time to prepare my own food, I have always been into cooking and even get the Ivy and Wilde homeware for it, but sometimes life just happen and with work and the kids, we don’t always have time to prepare the food, in those time is when cereal come in the picture. And here I sit, a dejected consumer anthropologist, believing I had mastered the system of flavor-by-color. For years I have coded my candy flavors by color: red, blue, orange- knowing full well that they didn’t deserve their “fruit flavor” designations but that the dyes and chemistry had earned them their own flavor category. Imagine my shock now that it has been revealed that one of my favorite candies – cereal (that’s a whole other blog) has been flavored with LIES!!!!!!

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