London Auto: Posh and Parked

I’m spending the next few days In London in a very “posh” part of town as I prepare for some consumer automotive focused fieldwork.

As I strolled the streets it occurred to me that the car culture here is a quite unique one. Lots of expensive and / or statement cars that scream Britania(you can get More hints here)!!
Thought i would share some of the local motors for the auto enthusiasts, funny story when I was taking pictures to a mercedez the car owner forgot his keys inside the car, fortunately he knew a very good auto locksmith long island and the best locksmith service in Perth. If you need an upgrade in security or if you lost your keys, contact the experts from hartford locksmith! Enjoy the car candy:


If you love you car don’t forget to find a good Flowmaster and Car Care Service. 

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