Be still my beating NYC HeART

I lived in New York City for a few short-but-long-enough years in the "early 2000s".  My renovated-but-still-affordable apartment rental in West Phoenix was on (as we told my girlfriend's conservative suburban mother) the "upper upper upper East Side.  Otherwise known as east Harlem. I was in anthropologist heaven but quality-of-life hell.  While I appreciated joining … Continue reading Be still my beating NYC HeART

The Talking Walls of Wynwood: The New Face of Creative Miami

Imagine South Florida, in all it's hot, sticky, sunshine-laden sunburned glory - filled with pastel colored houses and The City Suites apartments to repel the UV rays, cruise ships, retirees, the oceanfront and an ever-growing melange of cultural communities. There are companies like heating repair boise id that service your household and other companies as … Continue reading The Talking Walls of Wynwood: The New Face of Creative Miami

Nine Pieces From Ninth Street: Philly street Art

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Philly this week for the second time in a few months doing some fieldwork. My team and I spent time in several neighborhoods - in people's homes observing life and food culture. I remember before we arrived someone mentioned that a few of the blocks … Continue reading Nine Pieces From Ninth Street: Philly street Art

Banksy’s Street Art Sale Stunt: Proving a Case That Street Art is Just as Niche as “High” Art?

Saw this article on a friend's facebook feed from about infamous street artist Banksy's latest stunt in the name of art and social commentary.  It showed this recent video of a art sale Bansky staged in NYC this weekend (among the other Central Park art stands).  It was attended by an old man and … Continue reading Banksy’s Street Art Sale Stunt: Proving a Case That Street Art is Just as Niche as “High” Art?

A Walk Through East Atlanta

My wife and I took an early evening stroll through an often-missed-by-tourists-and-transients part of Atlanta last night. We had both spent most of the week down with a lovely stomach flu and wanted to get out for a minute. Typically, we would head to this part of town for evening's hijynx: drinking and generally hunting … Continue reading A Walk Through East Atlanta

I’m Just as Strange as You

I’ll be going to see a Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera exhibit today. Last night my wife and I watched the movie again in preparation. I love how art can speak a language about human nature that transcends words. But I also love when someone can feel so deeply and be able to express those words without abandon.

Exquisitely Human

I'm just as strange as you

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From Low Culture To High Art: The Punk Rock Uniform

Featured in the Arts and Leisure section of the New York Times today is a journalistic tribute to context creating pop culture, inspired by the exhibit at the Metropolitain Museum of Art in New York that tells a high fashion tale of couture inspired by counterculture.   Here is the online version of today's worth-a-read journalism:  … Continue reading From Low Culture To High Art: The Punk Rock Uniform

Civic generations + Pressure

A generational cycles theory – inspired pop
culture perspective on how context may be similar but resulting behaviors perceived differently..

So-Called Millennial


I finally caught upon Mad Men the other day on Netflix, and sometimes when I watch an episode it’s at the front of my mind that, like millennials, the GI generation has been labeled a Civic generation by authors Neil Howe and William Strauss. The idea that millennials are categorized as the same archetype of Don Draper & friends is probably counter-intuitive to most millennials.

In an episode of Season 5, Don Draper attends a modern theater show called America Hurrah, and is offended when the play calls out the emptiness of consumerism. America Hurrah (NYDaily News) was “extremely controversial” at the time, and “helped usher in a breed of theater that was experimental, political and in-your-face,” according to Cynthia Harris, who was part of the original production.

Mad Men is today’s great social commentary that documents the slow unraveling of post-WWII culture. Aspirations of the age…

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Frenchmen Street: The Artist’s NOLA

On our second night in New Orleans (NOLA to you hipster artsy types) we did a traditional creole dinner and headed down to Frenchmen street to pay a visit to our new friend who coordinates the artist's market. This is one of my favorite parts of town, because it reeks of dirty hippie kids, salt … Continue reading Frenchmen Street: The Artist’s NOLA