And now for a portrait of some folks who’s live on the opposite end of the Narcissistic spectrum…..


“Steeping into the muddy shiphub my eyes stumble on barefooted children playing ‘Akka Dokka’. By following their queries giggles I smiled to the little-girl next to me asking ‘What to your father do’?  With a wide smile showing her recently missing baby teeth’s, she whispered ‘My father builds big big ships’. The place is familiar to me so as these children but I rejoice these moments every day when I jump from my boat and my day start with ‘big big ships’.  I walk towards to Ship Creators, to the people that the world knows little about. Step to them, who are building ships on a daily basis with their expertise, power, energy and who dream to make something big, bigger than their life, bigger than their identity, bigger than their credits without much expectation. ”


ships making (10)

ships making (26)

ships making (15)

ships making (5)

In the shipyard every worker is full of activity, no one…

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Things I’ve Learned From Playing Poker In Bars

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NYC: As Seen On TV

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