The Irony of Hipster Media

It seems that the irony of irony-loving hipster culture is the media that caters to it: accepting a fate of perpetual self-deprecation and tongue-in-cheek consumption. Hipsters might not call themselves by name in public or amongst friends - and may even in some cases deny their hipster-ness.  But for the most part, they are a … Continue reading The Irony of Hipster Media


Crossfit, Handstands and Galaga: Metro Male Bonding Rituals

You are white and work in a "creative" profession. You shop at Urban Outfitters and commute (on occasion) via hybrid road bike. You live in a loft. Your girlfriend / wife is both gorgeous and smart. You prefer to watch World Cup Soccer to professional football or baseball. You read or listen to music more … Continue reading Crossfit, Handstands and Galaga: Metro Male Bonding Rituals

Sociology of Style Redux: “Nerd Chic”

I call it Geek Chic and rock it in earnest (rather than as an ironic statement), but to "big ballers" and those who (apparently) have fashion sense, style rebellion now comes in the form of nerding-it-up. Here is yet another insightful commentary from Anna Akbari at the Sociology of Style:

Playing WIth Your Joystick While Drinking: An Adult-Adolescent Dream

Last night I indulged in an overgrown adolescent fantasy with my "BFF".  There was no porn involved, nor did we tip cows or crash a kegger. No, we two 35 year old women made our first stop at the food truck park where I irresponsibly scarfed down Philly cheese steak nachos  from a vendor called … Continue reading Playing WIth Your Joystick While Drinking: An Adult-Adolescent Dream

Who Wants To Be Blinded With Science?

      So, in honor of Freshly Pressed (for featuring my 99th blog / 99th day of this experiment this weekend) I took a more purposeful spin through the freshly pressed features and found one blogger whose point of view on art and science I found pretty interesting:   This blog is … Continue reading Who Wants To Be Blinded With Science?

“Adorkable” Is The New “Black”

Long gone are the days of the tall, dark and handsome, the hero athlete,  The uber-chic supermodel and blonde bombshell defining desire-ability. There is a new "chic" in town, and it's "geek chic". Given that one's potential measure of success will be determined by how creative, conceptual and empathetic they are in our emerging conceptual … Continue reading “Adorkable” Is The New “Black”

Are you a member of the “Creative Class”?

According to Richard Florida, a sociologist and author of The Rise Of The Creative Class, " The big story unfolding right now - one that has been unfolding for some time - is the rise of the Creative class, the great emerging class of our time". Global culture has seen significant shifts as evidenced by … Continue reading Are you a member of the “Creative Class”?

Why Po’ Folks Have Smart Phones

Do you ever find yourself noticing that the bagger at the grocery store, the clerk at the convenience store and even sometimes the person in line in front of you at the grocery sore paying with food stamps all, despite their seemingly low-wage earning jobs or lack thereof somehow have a smartphone to keep them … Continue reading Why Po’ Folks Have Smart Phones