A “Download” on Post-2000 Tech-Driven Consumer Culture-isms

Last night my wife and I took a chance on a new local restaurant and music venue.  It was a slow night and we stayed until they were ready to close up, having conversations with the chef and bartender.  In an effort to let us know they were in no rush to kick us out, … Continue reading A “Download” on Post-2000 Tech-Driven Consumer Culture-isms

Office Acculturation 106: Required “Skills”

This morning I picked up my iPhone and asked Siri to do my expense report.  She politely declined as proficiency at this task is not in her job description. Interestingly enough, it's not in mine either.  As a matter of fact, it is not in most people's job description or really even mentioned as something … Continue reading Office Acculturation 106: Required “Skills”

Who Wants To Be Blinded With Science?

      So, in honor of Freshly Pressed (for featuring my 99th blog / 99th day of this experiment this weekend) I took a more purposeful spin through the freshly pressed features and found one blogger whose point of view on art and science I found pretty interesting:   http://anatomyofstory.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/science-and-art/comment-page-1/#comment-31   This blog is … Continue reading Who Wants To Be Blinded With Science?

Office Acculturation 105: Deciphering The Language of Management And Change

In honor of Monday, I thought i would continue with my ethnographic series in corporate culture. Jargon is a key part of the business day-to-day in an office setting. By us is also an essential management communication (or miscommunication) tool. You see, most employees don't need or want to have anything to do with the … Continue reading Office Acculturation 105: Deciphering The Language of Management And Change

Giving Anthropologists The Finger

I posed a couple of questions in Anthropology discussion boards on a popular business networking site.  Namely, I was asking the groups of academic and professional anthropologists if perhaps we take ourselves a bit too seriously in our profession. The resounding answer (and implications from lack of answers) is YES.   In the spirit of … Continue reading Giving Anthropologists The Finger

Office Acculturation 102: The Uniform

In yesterday's post I gave an introduction to the importance of leveraging several types of cloud computing in order to effectively grow your business and brand. Today I would like to give some pointers on how to dress to blend in with appearance in order to pass as a proper professional. Clothing and appearance are … Continue reading Office Acculturation 102: The Uniform

Office Acculturation 101: Talking The Talk

As an anthropologist working in a corporate setting and dealing with the different operating cultures of my diverse roster of client teams,  its fun to practice the ethnographic art and science of participant observation in studying "professional" culture.  It's useful in helping to understand how to work effectively within my surroundings, but it's also fun … Continue reading Office Acculturation 101: Talking The Talk

Why they call it a firedrill

"Drop everything and help solve this problem!" At work, when a situation calls for this request, we call it a "fire drill".  I feel like the association of stopping everything to leave the building and avoid a hypothetical death by flame make sense.  The term evokes a sense of panic.  But what I don't understand … Continue reading Why they call it a firedrill