Hair Is Important

Hair: if you have it, you spend all kinds of time and money (if you are a girl or a guy who even remotely cares about his appearance) taking care of it: washing it, styling it, purchasing products for it. Celebrity hair can be a trademark: remember the Jennifer-Anniston inspired "Friends Haircut", or then there's … Continue reading Hair Is Important

Rock Out With Your Ukelele Out

There used to be this blog I followed called "Stuff White People Like". One of said "stuff" was "irony". Ukeleles hadn't made it to thelist yet, but I am sure it would make the cut now. How is it that the tiny guitar made it to the top of the adorkable accessory list? I think … Continue reading Rock Out With Your Ukelele Out

Is creativity the new mid-life crisis?

With quest rapidly approaching their mid thirties and having grown up in a hyper-scheduled race-to-achievement culture, only to enter the workforce at a time of recession and just in time to see their parent's lifetimes of investments collapse like a box of rocks, I have 2 predictions: 1. They will suffer early-onset mid-life crises 2. … Continue reading Is creativity the new mid-life crisis?

Office Acculturation 102: The Uniform

In yesterday's post I gave an introduction to the importance of leveraging several types of cloud computing in order to effectively grow your business and brand. Today I would like to give some pointers on how to dress to blend in with appearance in order to pass as a proper professional. Clothing and appearance are … Continue reading Office Acculturation 102: The Uniform