Thoughts from this side of parenthood #HMD

A Millennial perspective on parenting and a great post Mother’s Day reflection…

So-Called Millennial

Happy Mother’s Day #HMD. Here are some thoughts on parenthood, and managing my little crazy man.

1. You get smarter. Sure, college broadened my interests in various subjects, and helped me to grow in my chosen field of study. Being married has taught me how to live in-tune with another complex human being. But being a mom has helped me organize, and problem-solve faster than I could before. When you have a little ball of chaos constantly threatening order you learn to identify the key factors, take variables into account, and execute more quickly. It’s like I can divide how many hours of running errands  by how many stops, and arrive to a perfect number of diapers, crackers, and fruit snacks to put in my purse.


We forgot his coat on our drive back from visiting family at Christmas. It was freezing in the morning,but luckily we had a spare…

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Poking Fun At Our Issues With Packaging

It occurred to me lately that I don't have to go to "specialty novelty" stores anymore to get a good dose of off-color humor in my product selection. These days you can find such naughty what-nots at your neighborhood hipster variety store or tucked-away indie boutique. Consumer trends in re appropriating retro pamphlet illustrations and … Continue reading Poking Fun At Our Issues With Packaging

Rituals Empowering Nurture: An Example From Elementary School Theatre

We often hear people say things about "kids these days" and how "everyone gets a trophy" and that we should encourage our kids to truly compete and only reward them for actually achieving, not just playing. I don't necessarily disagree that we should be training our kids for life in the real world by allowing … Continue reading Rituals Empowering Nurture: An Example From Elementary School Theatre

Been doing some research per a new client who is looking to understand (among other things) Millennial parents and how their lifestyles affect thier consumer behavior in a “specific category”.

Conclusion from this piece of data: See, folks: Millennials aren’t so different than anybody else. This perspective from a “so-called Millennial” Mom proves it.

So-Called Millennial

I can’t believe my son’s birthday is right around the corner. He’s a joy, a challenge, and the silliest little man I know.

I think Millennial moms are an interesting breed, and I really enjoy women my age who are moms. According to WIC Moms, Millennials make up of 76% of births nowadays, so I know you’re out there Millennial moms. I think there are a lot of myths out there about what it means to be a parent, so here is my perspective as a Millennial.

1. It really is different when you have your own.

I didn’t have excessive maternal instincts growing up. When I babysat growing up (those 2 times…) I made my sister change the diapers of the kids. I didn’t play with baby dolls. I didn’t want to be The Mom when I “played house” growing up (I wanted to be the rebellious runaway…

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A really interesting introspective perspective from a “White” mom on teaching about White privilege in schools….

White Mom Blog

The other day, I came across a tweet about a Wisconsin school being investigated for teaching white privilege. Apparently, a parent at this particular school became very upset after reading the content of a course her son was taking titled “American Diversity.” The mother felt the curriculum was being used to teach white students that they are racist and oppressive. She also felt the lesson on white privilege made her son feel unearned guilt for being white.

I can’t speak to how the material was presented or what the exact lesson plans were, but my takeaway is simple: kids aren’t the only ones who need these lesson—adults do, too.

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What’s So Important About Fathers?

Yesterday, I read a pretty fascinating article in the new york times (the origin of the image above)  called "Why Fathers Matter" ( that talked about how a father's lifestyle choices can affect the genetics of his offspring.  I thought blogging about this would be a perfect follow-up to this weekend's POV on lesbian … Continue reading What’s So Important About Fathers?

“Kids These Days”: A Peek Into James’ Room and His Brain

I found this young blogger this morning, who's content I am compelled to share Rather, he found me via yesterday's blog on workaholism. I do a lot of work studying youth culture and have found a good deal of pragmatism coming from their observations of their parent's adult life. Young adults and teenagers today grew … Continue reading “Kids These Days”: A Peek Into James’ Room and His Brain

How old do you have to be to be rehabilitated?

An article in today's NY Times magazine tells the tale of a now 33 year old man who was tried an sentenced as an adult and sent to serve about 30 years in prison. He is now 33 and vying for early release after spending years trying to grow and develop himself more … Continue reading How old do you have to be to be rehabilitated?

Celebrating American Dads: Because They Can’t All Be Morons

Father's day is a nice invented holiday, no matter where you live. We get to say thanks to Pops for his part in bringing us into this world and bringing us up, for better or worse!. 🙂 It was sweet to be out and about "brunching" today and see all the young families in their … Continue reading Celebrating American Dads: Because They Can’t All Be Morons