What Is A Hipster?

Keeping on the hipster theme, i thought this was an interesting example of cultural discourse. A pretty objective dialogue that really frames the public opinion about "counterculture" and the sociological concept of "us" versus "other". Whether you are a hipster lover, hater or are one yourself (whether you assume the label or not) it's an … Continue reading What Is A Hipster?


Poking Fun At Our Issues With Packaging

It occurred to me lately that I don't have to go to "specialty novelty" stores anymore to get a good dose of off-color humor in my product selection. These days you can find such naughty what-nots at your neighborhood hipster variety store or tucked-away indie boutique. Consumer trends in re appropriating retro pamphlet illustrations and … Continue reading Poking Fun At Our Issues With Packaging

Civic generations + Pressure

A generational cycles theory – inspired pop
culture perspective on how context may be similar but resulting behaviors perceived differently..

So-Called Millennial


I finally caught upon Mad Men the other day on Netflix, and sometimes when I watch an episode it’s at the front of my mind that, like millennials, the GI generation has been labeled a Civic generation by authors Neil Howe and William Strauss. The idea that millennials are categorized as the same archetype of Don Draper & friends is probably counter-intuitive to most millennials.

In an episode of Season 5, Don Draper attends a modern theater show called America Hurrah, and is offended when the play calls out the emptiness of consumerism. America Hurrah (NYDaily News) was “extremely controversial” at the time, and “helped usher in a breed of theater that was experimental, political and in-your-face,” according to Cynthia Harris, who was part of the original production.

Mad Men is today’s great social commentary that documents the slow unraveling of post-WWII culture. Aspirations of the age…

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21st Century Manners: Socializing Behavioral Norms for a New Generation

Lest you think Millennials don't value etiquette, think again.  As a matter of fact, rethink what you think entirely and realign your thought processes. Because, if you look at the nature of Millennial motivations:  to make meaningful connections with other humans and to lead a well-rounded, successful happy life with the support of your peers … Continue reading 21st Century Manners: Socializing Behavioral Norms for a New Generation

Is Instagram The Photographer’s Friend or Its Faux?

I love this perspective (see re-blog / link below)  from a photographer about Instagram and it's role as an anthropological and sociological exercise.  He doesn't label Instagrammers as "posers" like some more "serious" hipster photographers might.  Rather, he (or she?) points to the value it has in allowing us to share and bond over our … Continue reading Is Instagram The Photographer’s Friend or Its Faux?

So you think houligans with tattoos are something new? Think again. Interesting article / perspective / antique book review from “across the pond” on body modification…

Special Collections and Archives / Casgliadau Arbennig ac Archifau

P1190836Those of us who have been left bemused by the sudden rise of high-street botox booths, tanning shops, nail salons and eyebrow bars can take some comfort from this curious work by John Bulwer which suggests that, even as far back in 1653, people have always been astonished at the lengths to which some would go to transform their bodies in the name of fashion.  

P1190832In Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transform’d, or The Artificial Changeling, Bulwer’s aim, according to the full title, is to expose the “mad and cruel gallantry, foolish bravery, ridiculous beauty, filthy fineness, and loathsome loveliness of most nations, fashioning & altering their bodies from the mould intended by nature”.  Bulwer describes in detail how people around the world artificially modify their appearance, noting that every nation has a “particular whimzey as touching corporall fashions of their own invention.”

The book is divided into 23 sections covering all types of…

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“Creating Hipsturbia”: Is Gentrification Pushing Out The Creative Class?

This fascinating ethnographic piece in the New York Times Style section got me thinking today.  If you live in an urban center or watch Portlandia then you know what I am talking about.  Traditionally speaking, the gentrification of urban neighborhoods has been leaving young, white creative professionals with the blood on their hands...pushing the lower … Continue reading “Creating Hipsturbia”: Is Gentrification Pushing Out The Creative Class?

The Harlem Shake: A Conversation About the Sociology of Internet Memes

The sociology of internet memes is absolutely fascinating to me.  Somebody puts something on YouTube that they think is interesting, meaningful or funny but, in most cases, actually skyrockets way above the bounds of ridiculousness.  Sometimes a meme becomes popular because it showcases the extraordinary - but for the most part, it's all about ridiculousness. … Continue reading The Harlem Shake: A Conversation About the Sociology of Internet Memes

I think we can all relate to this one. It actually makes me want to give all Millennials a Xanax and tell them it’s going to be okay…

So-Called Millennial


“Fear of Missing out” isn’t exactly new, but has been taken to new extremes with the 24/7 access of social media. Simon Kelner of The Independent wrote the article Is FOMO depriving us of our ability to exist in the present and take pleasure in the here and now? He says of FOMO:

“you’re immediately paralysed with anxiety, unable to enjoy what’s in front of you because you feel something better, more exciting, more important is happening elsewhere.” In the world of Facebook and Twitter, this equates to seeing someone post pictures from a party you weren’t at, or share holiday snaps from a glamorous location, or to eavesdropping on an exchange of tweets about a film that has passed you by, or a trend of which you are simply not aware.

FOMO copyAs a Millennial, I can relate to having this fear in the not-so-distant past.

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A Visit To Colony Point Part 3: The Flea Market Excavation

Perhaps my favorite outing (aside from hanging with the old gals at the pool) was the trip I took with my mother and two of her "snowbird" friends to the bi-annual flea market at the local senior center. One thing I loved about this flea market was its almost entirely contextual nature. What I mean … Continue reading A Visit To Colony Point Part 3: The Flea Market Excavation