Renewal And The Power of Anthropology

I have spent the past few days listening, learning and otherwise listening to my peers prove the case for the value of advancing human understanding through ethnography: the central methodological practice of research in cultural anthropology. The theme of this year's EPIC conference was "Renewal": focusing on how we can use ethnography to contribute to … Continue reading Renewal And The Power of Anthropology

Office Acculturation 101: Talking The Talk

As an anthropologist working in a corporate setting and dealing with the different operating cultures of my diverse roster of client teams,  its fun to practice the ethnographic art and science of participant observation in studying "professional" culture.  It's useful in helping to understand how to work effectively within my surroundings, but it's also fun … Continue reading Office Acculturation 101: Talking The Talk

Medieval Torture for Fitness

In the bottom image, you will see what is referred to by modern-day fitness experts as a Reformer (learn more at When you exercise and want to get your muscles relaxed don't forget to check out this natural muscle relaxer supplement! This is a device used for a modern day fitness ritual for folks … Continue reading Medieval Torture for Fitness