Best of The Best Street Art and the Role of Art In An Urban Context

My favorite thing about street art is that it puts art, literally, in context.  Rather, it creates art within a context: expressing something about local and / or popular social mores in a forum that allows denizens of  that context to be disrupted with a different kind of conversation starter. It addresses issues relevant to … Continue reading Best of The Best Street Art and the Role of Art In An Urban Context

The Relevance of Cultural Heritage Professionals

When was the last time you went to a museum? Maybe an art museum or a historical museum or a cultural museum? Do you see Museum’s as an experience for the “elite” or is that a thing of the past?
I really appreciate this perspective on the importance of cultural heritage professionals and the role of the museum from both a cultural and sociological perspective. With changing times comes evolving roles. And in North America in particular where we have such a young country influenced by a uniquely diverse set of cultural heritage contexts, i think it’s becoming more and more important to preserve, learn, appreciate and revel in the cultural history that makes us an “us” and reminds us of our shared human heritage.
Yet another thankless profession in the practice of “narcissistic anthropology”. 😉

Other Voices

A few months ago I posted a Museum Practices seminar student, Leila Hamdan’s response to the following question:

Put yourself in the position of John or Josephine Q. Public. In the current economic chaos, the bank is foreclosing on their home, they have lost their jobs, and the city just reduced their public services. In referring to the National Endowment for the Arts and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the House Budget Committee recently arguedthat “The activities and content funded by these agencies…are generally enjoyed by people of higher income levels, making them a wealth transfer from poorer to wealthier citizens.” Isn’t your research or the position you aspire to as a museum professional just another example of this wealth transfer? What do John and Josephine Q. Public get for their tax dollars that fund your research/position?

Since that time, I have asked these questions of my…

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A Reluctant Fan: The Myth Of Commonality By Way Of Music Affinity

When it comes to music, I am a reluctant fan. Mind you, it's not because I don't enjoy music. Quite the contrary. Music is an essential part of my human experience, as it is for many. However, while I had hoped to hang on to the conception that those who share an affinity towards a … Continue reading A Reluctant Fan: The Myth Of Commonality By Way Of Music Affinity