Are Millennials Doomed to Pop Pills Their Entire Lives?

Another unique Millennial characteristic: the overwhelming need (nature or nurture?) to be medicated....

Are Millennials prone to a “waste not, want not” mentality? Kind of like our (by our, I mean Gen X-ers) grandparents who went through the Great Depression? Does that mean my hoarder-like collection of jars might actually have some value?

So-Called Millennial

So, this happened today:

Over the last month or so, I’ve saved 17 glass jars.

Inspired by 100 Days of Real Food blog, I decided to start saving jars, because Lisa Leake recommends freezing food in glass containers instead of plastic. I made an effort to save an Adam’s Natural Peanut Butter jar, or marinara sauce jar here and there. Or so I thought.

I noticed that empty glass jars were starting to line empty spaces of my cabinets. Fearing I was becoming a hoarder, I decided to put these pretty little jars to use. I love the look of the jars in my pantry.

I am on the furthest end of the spectrum away from being a hoarder. I hate having anything extra. I even think people who are “innocent” pack-rats are actually harboring latent hoarding tendencies. The show “Hoarders” is my worst nightmare scenario, second to sinkholes.

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Been doing some research per a new client who is looking to understand (among other things) Millennial parents and how their lifestyles affect thier consumer behavior in a “specific category”.

Conclusion from this piece of data: See, folks: Millennials aren’t so different than anybody else. This perspective from a “so-called Millennial” Mom proves it.

So-Called Millennial

I can’t believe my son’s birthday is right around the corner. He’s a joy, a challenge, and the silliest little man I know.

I think Millennial moms are an interesting breed, and I really enjoy women my age who are moms. According to WIC Moms, Millennials make up of 76% of births nowadays, so I know you’re out there Millennial moms. I think there are a lot of myths out there about what it means to be a parent, so here is my perspective as a Millennial.

1. It really is different when you have your own.

I didn’t have excessive maternal instincts growing up. When I babysat growing up (those 2 times…) I made my sister change the diapers of the kids. I didn’t play with baby dolls. I didn’t want to be The Mom when I “played house” growing up (I wanted to be the rebellious runaway…

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