What Do our Comforts Say About Americans As Consumer Creatures?

I have just returned from a ten dray trip to Europe, spent on vacation with my wife.  Certainly not my first vacation trip abroad and definitely not the first time I have traveled to other parts of the world to study consumer culture (as it's my profession as well as my passion). However, every time … Continue reading What Do our Comforts Say About Americans As Consumer Creatures?

Barcelona: A Culinary Wonderland

When people ask me what I will miss the most about Barcelona, I will tell them the food - don't even need to think twice about it. If there is one thing the Catalonians know how to do well, it's eat. The abundance of fresh, local meats, fish, cheeses and produce renders supermarkets full of … Continue reading Barcelona: A Culinary Wonderland

Barcelona’s Disenfranchised Street Art

Barcelona has an interesting and unique vibe when in comes to the. Street art scene. By way if what's out there you see way more tagging than actually artistic expression. Most surfaces are fair game, including churches and sides of buildings on main thoroughfares and the government has done a lot to crack down in … Continue reading Barcelona’s Disenfranchised Street Art

Barcelona Architecture: A Gaudi History

Barcelona is a city known for being lively and full with art, music, great cuisine and perhaps most of all for its architecture. A walk through Barcelona is like taking a stroll through a living and breathing museum filled with artworks that reflect the history of this very European Spanish city. Perhaps the most notable … Continue reading Barcelona Architecture: A Gaudi History

Barcelona: En Fuego

Last night was our first night in Barcelona: the second half of our trip and from what I can tell by niche número uno it also promises to be the more exciting half. Don't get me wrong. Paris is lovely. Rife with fashionable locals and drenched with European culture but most certainly the more bourgeois … Continue reading Barcelona: En Fuego

There’s No Vacation From A Commitment

So I am leaving tonight with my wife on our "official" honeymoon to Paris and Barcelona ....one year after the big event.. Because who has the energy or cash to go on a big European vacation after spending all of it on a big damn wedding? Well, maybe some people. But I am, after all, … Continue reading There’s No Vacation From A Commitment