My Cheese Curls Are Organic

This weekend I went to the drive-in with a bunch of friends to do the "tailgate" and watch a movie-thing. If you looked through my cooler and bag of goodies you would have noticed that everything in that basket was purchased from whole three times the standard retail price...because everything in that bag was … Continue reading My Cheese Curls Are Organic

Medieval Torture for Fitness

In the bottom image, you will see what is referred to by modern-day fitness experts as a Reformer (learn more at When you exercise and want to get your muscles relaxed don't forget to check out this natural muscle relaxer supplement! This is a device used for a modern day fitness ritual for folks … Continue reading Medieval Torture for Fitness

Signifiers of Middle Class Summer

It is official.  The day we memorialize our veterans:  a seemingly somber "celebration", is also in paradox with the generalized glee we associate with summer beginning. And you don't have to be a kid to appreciate the glee.  I still get giddy on days like today, when everyone opens up their pool for the summer … Continue reading Signifiers of Middle Class Summer

Lesbians in the Midst…

I figured what better way to start getting a readership base than to write about Lesbians. People LOVE to read about lesbians! That and I have found some of my own lived experiences to be particularly anthropologically fascinating in nature. Yes, it's true. I have a wife and I am a female. That makes me … Continue reading Lesbians in the Midst…