Love, Haters and Hipsters: The Irony of Being A Millennial

I have officially decided that I've  spent too much time commenting on a recent Facebook thread started in the last day  by fellow bloggers Eve Kerrigan, Rachel Gall and Anna Akbari, about a recent article on Millennials called  "Generation Wuss" by Vanity Fair's Bret Easton Ellis. I am, however, compelled to share and express my very "special" point … Continue reading Love, Haters and Hipsters: The Irony of Being A Millennial

Entitled Millennials?

Get down from that tree, Generation Y!
Get down from that tree, Generation Y! (Photo credit: larrybobsf)

I continue to be pleasantly affirmed by blogs like this one that influence my point of view on Millennials and keep my “Millennial Expertise” informed and in check. Well done.

entitled millennial

As you may have inferred from the title of this blog, Entitled Millennial, I do not know struggle. Please indulge me as I try to clarify that statement within this piece. And why, perhaps more importantly, despite not knowing struggle this does not bar me and other Millennials from expressing our thoughts.

I do not know what struggle means, I have seen it but never tasted. I have heard it, but never lived it. I have passed it by, but never really stopped. And the thing is that, many of my fellow Millennials don’t know the first thing about real struggle either.

What do I mean by real struggle? I suppose it’s probably best if I try to define what I mean before people get defensive. Real struggle is not knowing where you’re going to sleep at night, real struggle is not knowing how you will feed yourself or your…

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