“Adorkable” Is The New “Black”

Long gone are the days of the tall, dark and handsome, the hero athlete,  The uber-chic supermodel and blonde bombshell defining desire-ability. There is a new "chic" in town, and it's "geek chic". Given that one's potential measure of success will be determined by how creative, conceptual and empathetic they are in our emerging conceptual … Continue reading “Adorkable” Is The New “Black”

Comic Book Movie Promotions Going Girly?

I would love to see the market research and / or have been in the Ideation session that cast the web for this cross-promotion. My question: what does it all mean? I suppose it supports the idea that Girls can be nerds too! We have seen a generation of girls finally empowered to embrace their … Continue reading Comic Book Movie Promotions Going Girly?