Experiencing “Old School”: The Middle-Aged Mosh Pit

So, I was enjoying an extended happy hour at my favorite local pub - out on the patio watching folks walk by, when a punk rock couple - complete with mohawk and combat boots - ambled on by.Here I was thinking "nice to see the neighborhood getting more bohemian and diverse" when I was informed … Continue reading Experiencing “Old School”: The Middle-Aged Mosh Pit

This blog captures my generational identity crisis perfectly and I think most of my friends will agree!

So-Called Millennial

I was chatting with a friend the other day who just had a baby girl that she named Felicity. I love the name and asked my friend if it was a family name. She said no, she’s just always liked it, and added that she has always loved the show Felicity that was on WB back in the day. I used to watch that as well, and we reminisced over the Ben/Felicity/Noel love triangle, and admitted we both always wanted Felicity to end up with Ben. A few days after this conversation I was inspired to to binge-watch Felicity on Netflix. Watching this show I realized that I didn’t have an awkward sense of style in my early high school years, and that it was the fault of late-90s style that drove me to wear huge wool sweaters, and baggy pants.

My friend, six years older than me, is generally…

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Playing WIth Your Joystick While Drinking: An Adult-Adolescent Dream

Last night I indulged in an overgrown adolescent fantasy with my "BFF".  There was no porn involved, nor did we tip cows or crash a kegger. No, we two 35 year old women made our first stop at the food truck park where I irresponsibly scarfed down Philly cheese steak nachos  from a vendor called … Continue reading Playing WIth Your Joystick While Drinking: An Adult-Adolescent Dream