Embrace Your Pain

I really enjoyed this Millenial-perspective on embracing the power of personal growth. Yet another affirmation that this generation is going to do something good for themselves and the world...

Guest Post: Homelessness

Evidence of one generation’s intentions to make the world better: A Millennial perspective on homelessness with some sociocultural support. Great read!

So-Called Millennial

By Michelle Adams, Contributor

A man in the street begging for money, a women on the side of the road holding up a piece of cardboard saying “Homeless, Will Work for Food,” a family sleeping in their car, a tent city underneath a bridge—all these images represent homelessness.

Most people, millenials included, have certain stereotypes about homelessness. They view people who are homeless as lazy, dirty and mostly suffering from drug problems. Homelessness pervades all aspects of culture and every walk of life.

These views about homelessness were collected from teenage volunteers at South Oakland Shelter during Global Youth Service Day.

Some of these views are actually accurate views of homelessness, while some represent misconceptions throughout society. Many people view that homelessness can be easily solved by giving people money or food. Others believe that homeless people can attain jobs easily. If there are part time jobs available, why not…

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Some Inspiration to Create The Future

This is creative inspiration week for the Narcissistic Anthropologist.  I am involved in a project where I am seeking vision from others and thought I would share one nugget that made me smile today. For all of us with grand designs to change the world - or at least make a sizable dent in it, … Continue reading Some Inspiration to Create The Future

Are Millennials prone to a “waste not, want not” mentality? Kind of like our (by our, I mean Gen X-ers) grandparents who went through the Great Depression? Does that mean my hoarder-like collection of jars might actually have some value?

So-Called Millennial

So, this happened today:

Over the last month or so, I’ve saved 17 glass jars.

Inspired by 100 Days of Real Food blog, I decided to start saving jars, because Lisa Leake recommends freezing food in glass containers instead of plastic. I made an effort to save an Adam’s Natural Peanut Butter jar, or marinara sauce jar here and there. Or so I thought.

I noticed that empty glass jars were starting to line empty spaces of my cabinets. Fearing I was becoming a hoarder, I decided to put these pretty little jars to use. I love the look of the jars in my pantry.

I am on the furthest end of the spectrum away from being a hoarder. I hate having anything extra. I even think people who are “innocent” pack-rats are actually harboring latent hoarding tendencies. The show “Hoarders” is my worst nightmare scenario, second to sinkholes.

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American Deep Culture Spelled Out: “DIE”

One of my favorite new subscriptions is to Yes Magazine .  It's a good add to the roster of food, fashion, news, social science and wellness magazines we have steadily flowing into our mailbox - posing "Powerful Ideas and Practical Actions" like Best range bags item in line with our changing social ethos and helping … Continue reading American Deep Culture Spelled Out: “DIE”

Our Shared Culture of Stress

I'm having a particularly stressful day today.  One of the first of the new year.  Not necessarily an entirely woeful situation but I am definitely feeling it and actively figuring out ways to alleviate the situation.  Interestingly enough (and also something most of you will empathize with), in dealing with that stress I am not … Continue reading Our Shared Culture of Stress

Are We Making Ourselves Sick By Holding Ourselves to Out-Of-Context Standards?

I look around at the people in my life that I have worked with or been friends with an I see a lot of overachievers and people who hold themselves to pretty high standards.  As I hold a magnifying glass to the state of mind / body / soul of those folks (including myself), I … Continue reading Are We Making Ourselves Sick By Holding Ourselves to Out-Of-Context Standards?

Thoughts From The Dentist Office: Teeth And Social Signifiers

As I sit here in the long beach dentist chair about to be buffed and polished scrapes and X-rayed I am forced to contemplate why I put myself through this invasive torture in a regular basis. It stands to reason there are obvious benefits to good oral health, but this is only really a part … Continue reading Thoughts From The Dentist Office: Teeth And Social Signifiers

What’s So Important About Fathers?

Yesterday, I read a pretty fascinating article in the new york times (the origin of the image above)  called "Why Fathers Matter" ( http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/09/opinion/sunday/why-fathers-really-matter.html?pagewanted=all) that talked about how a father's lifestyle choices can affect the genetics of his offspring.  I thought blogging about this would be a perfect follow-up to this weekend's POV on lesbian … Continue reading What’s So Important About Fathers?

Empowerment Is The New “Green”

One of the macroforces driving change in human culture that I have been particularly interested in and excited about (and driving home to my clients) is Advancements in human insight. What I mean by this is that humans across the globe (and the government, corporate and non government organizations that have influence) have been recognizing … Continue reading Empowerment Is The New “Green”