Workaholism: The Acceptable American Addiction

So, as I sit in my PJs on my couch after deciding I can't handle being sick in bed with a cold and MUST do something productive, I started to wonder:  am I a workaholic? This habit of mine, of not being able to sit still and using work as a way to stay busy … Continue reading Workaholism: The Acceptable American Addiction

Internet Addiction: A Cultural Evolution Becomes a Disease

Many, if not most of the social advances of the new millennium can be attributed to the advances we have made in communication technology. As a human populace, we have been enthralled, engaged, empowered and ultimately unified by the leaps and bounds we have made in our ability to connect using digital platforms as our … Continue reading Internet Addiction: A Cultural Evolution Becomes a Disease

The Function of The Hangover As A Biological Ritual

You know something has become ritualized when they sell products specifically to deal with the phenomenon or your friend has a friend who's aunt has a secret receipe.  Example:  hangover cures. The physical depletion and near-hospitalization experience of dehydration and liver damage that occurs after a night of excessive "celebration", also known as self-destruction (per … Continue reading The Function of The Hangover As A Biological Ritual

My Cheese Curls Are Organic

This weekend I went to the drive-in with a bunch of friends to do the "tailgate" and watch a movie-thing. If you looked through my cooler and bag of goodies you would have noticed that everything in that basket was purchased from whole three times the standard retail price...because everything in that bag was … Continue reading My Cheese Curls Are Organic

Medieval Torture for Fitness

In the bottom image, you will see what is referred to by modern-day fitness experts as a Reformer (learn more at When you exercise and want to get your muscles relaxed don't forget to check out this natural muscle relaxer supplement! This is a device used for a modern day fitness ritual for folks … Continue reading Medieval Torture for Fitness