Joy And Mike’s Place: An Ethnographic Southern Comfort Snapshot

Yesterday I spent an afternoon with Joy and Mike and their daughter (my wife) and son and his wife. We were having a get-together to share some Korean delicacies sent as a gift from the Son's in-laws and to celebrate the Birthday of Joy's mother who passed a few years ago. My wife often fondly … Continue reading Joy And Mike’s Place: An Ethnographic Southern Comfort Snapshot

Thoughts from this side of parenthood #HMD

A Millennial perspective on parenting and a great post Mother’s Day reflection…

So-Called Millennial

Happy Mother’s Day #HMD. Here are some thoughts on parenthood, and managing my little crazy man.

1. You get smarter. Sure, college broadened my interests in various subjects, and helped me to grow in my chosen field of study. Being married has taught me how to live in-tune with another complex human being. But being a mom has helped me organize, and problem-solve faster than I could before. When you have a little ball of chaos constantly threatening order you learn to identify the key factors, take variables into account, and execute more quickly. It’s like I can divide how many hours of running errands  by how many stops, and arrive to a perfect number of diapers, crackers, and fruit snacks to put in my purse.


We forgot his coat on our drive back from visiting family at Christmas. It was freezing in the morning,but luckily we had a spare…

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Thai Curry Paste Episode II: Authentic Green Curry Paste (Kaeng Khiao Wan)

One of the best ways to get to know a culture is through it’s food. Culture, bey definition, is created by our collectiive reaction to our environments and other macroforces. Our environment also dictates our subsistence. From an anthropological perspective, I see the culinary tradition as one way we pay homage to the natural environment that provides us our food – by honoring it with craft and sharing the appreciation of that craft with others. We elevate food from subsistence to celebration when we create things that delight our senses in addition to filling our bellies.
For example, today we are having my wife’s family over for dinner and decided to go with a Cuban theme (for no reason, save that we wanted an excuse to make Mojitos). So, the first thing I did was find the perfect Sofrito recipe.
I just started following the blog that follows: The High Heel Gourmet. I thought my “food-thropologist” readers and freinds would appreciate some really deep instruction on the perfect Thai staple: a green curry paste.

The High Heel Gourmet

Thai Green Curry Paste by The High Heel Gourmet 26

I think green curry is the best-known curry in Thai cuisine, although I personally think Massaman and Panang are quite famous on their own, to the point where I don’t even know which one is the close second. But rest assured,  if you haven’t reached the point where you’re ready to barf curry before the year end (because I will be giving you recipe after recipe of curries through out the year,) I will give you a medal, accept your “Thai-ness” and appoint you an official “adopted Thai peep.” How is that?

This is the second curry that I learned to make while I was growing up.  We made it ourselves because it contains fresh chilies and it doesn’t taste anywhere near as fresh if you buy the pre-made curry paste. My grandmother and my aunt always said I could buy some pre-made curry pastes if I wanted to, but…

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who doesn’t love a literal metaphor. 😉

Our Weird and Wonderful World

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
Of things unknown but longed for still
And his tune is heard on the distant hill for
The caged bird sings of freedom.  Maya Angelou

In this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge we are invited to show what ‘Home’ means to us.  It means differently to everyone whether a physical structure of a house to go home to and relax, or a place in the heart to return to.  The photos I chose to include for this challenge were not of the castles and palaces I’ve seen during my travels, but of what some may call, hopefully temporary, home…

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Valentine’s Day from a UK Consumer Culture Perspective

LOVE this article posted on the Northstar website this week about tips for brands who want to leverage the (evolving) relevance of valentines day.  Has a cheeky UK touch I am sure the VDay haters will love.  🙂  You can link to this as well as more great content here: Valentine’s Day Love & … Continue reading Valentine’s Day from a UK Consumer Culture Perspective

Consumer Is A Four letter Word: A “Culture” Perspective

Once upon a time I worked at a brand strategy and innovation company for a guy named Rich and alongside a couple other guys named Brandon and Oliver.  They are big thinkers, expert "do-ers" and all-around holistic strategy practitioners that believe we can use the power of brands and business to make the world a … Continue reading Consumer Is A Four letter Word: A “Culture” Perspective

Holiday Party Context From Sociology Of Style

  I love it when the holiday tips come with a little bit of context.  Thanks to Sociology of style for elaborating on the social significance of partying and helping us with some tools for surviving the merriment. Holiday Bacchanalia & Collective Effervescence: The Social Significance of Partying No holiday is complete without its accompanying … Continue reading Holiday Party Context From Sociology Of Style