Great Millennial POV on their value to the workforce by virtue of the fact that their tech-savvy upbringing has made them experts at dealing with change…

Life on a Branch

When I was younger, I helped my older brother make mixed tapes by recording songs off the radio. In elementary school, I learned how to find library books by using a card catalog and the Dewey Decimal system. In 6th grade, I watched a corny educational video about floppy discs (Don’t copy that floppy!).

Think about the massive evolution technology has gone through in the last 20 years. Card catalogs? Floppy discs? Please.

Millennials are the first generation that grew up with the rapidly evolving technology of computers and the Internet. Things in this realm are more intuitive to us than they are to our parents. Hello?! We’ve been using computers since we were young enough to not care if a deadly virus was downloaded.

Being tech savvy is one thing our generation is applauded for. Employers are excited to work with us for this reason. But growing up with computers and…

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Office Acculturation 105: Deciphering The Language of Management And Change

In honor of Monday, I thought i would continue with my ethnographic series in corporate culture. Jargon is a key part of the business day-to-day in an office setting. By us is also an essential management communication (or miscommunication) tool. You see, most employees don't need or want to have anything to do with the … Continue reading Office Acculturation 105: Deciphering The Language of Management And Change