Some Context for Restoring Faith In Humanity: A Little Bit of Kindness Can Make a Huge Impact

I thought this one was worth the share. It made me tear up, anyway. I think too often we look at people as "us" versus "them". It's basic Sociology: Conflict Theory. It states that in order for society to function in an orderly fashion, we need to have a common enemy. A bit misguided perhaps … Continue reading Some Context for Restoring Faith In Humanity: A Little Bit of Kindness Can Make a Huge Impact

The Power Of The Human Brand

This is a post I wrote a couple of years ago for my "professional" blog that I think gives some insight into why I do what undo for a living: strategic research, foresight brand strategy. The narcissist in me is sure you are intensely curious. ;). But more importantly its actually a more common pint … Continue reading The Power Of The Human Brand

Some Human Insight For A Friday Afternoon

Here is a look into our human context and how it is shaping our consumer behavior. It’s a little somethin’ from the blog I publish for “work”. I figured why go into the weekend with something frivolous (my original plan). Enjoy the perspective and go forth and be human!

The Brand Sherpa's Blog

At Northstar, we continue to keep an eye on macroforces that are driving change in global culture and consequently consumer culture.   A recent post discussed Mass Urbanization and its implications for consumer culture :

In the spirit of helping our clients and peers continue to answer the questions of “What’s going on out there, does it matter to us and if so what are we going to do about it” I would like to elaborate on another  of the several macroforces we are keeping an eye on and what it means for the future of consumer culture.

It is important to note here that the macroforces impacting our lives do not all necessarily exist in a vacuum.  Rather, they can indeed influence and be influenced by one another.  The macoroforce of Advancing Human Insights is one such phenomenon that is remarkably influenced and formed by advances in communication technology…

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Empowerment Is The New “Green”

One of the macroforces driving change in human culture that I have been particularly interested in and excited about (and driving home to my clients) is Advancements in human insight. What I mean by this is that humans across the globe (and the government, corporate and non government organizations that have influence) have been recognizing … Continue reading Empowerment Is The New “Green”