How To Survive A Bar Crawl

Every year for her birthday, one of the "girls in the group" has a ritual bar crawl. Even for those who don't go in for the whole "sh@t show", it's a great way to get everyone together and catch up on the various exploits of our increasingly domesticity and-career-driven-lives. It's also a great reason to … Continue reading How To Survive A Bar Crawl

Ironically, I was just sharing one of my posts about Banksy (namely the one about Nick Stern’s photo interpretations of his work and how this elevates them to “high art”). I feel so white right now I can’t even stand it.

Other Voices


Recently, Nina Simon summarized the posts of several bloggers on the lack of ethnic diversity in the arts.  This past week she posted On White Privilege and Museums that explores museums as venues of white privilege.  Comments responding to the latter post are plentiful (over 30) and range across a broad spectrum from support to rejection with opinions divided more-or-less akin to a bell-shaped curve.

An important tool for approaching diversity in museums rests in Simon’s model of the co-creative projects she discusses in The Participatory Museum.  Simon (2010:187) writes the purpose of a co-creative community project is “To give voice and be responsive to the needs and interests of local community members; to provide a place for community engagement and dialogue; and to help participants develop skills that will support their own individual and community goals.” This nuts and bolts approach was addressed in a recent guest post on…

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Ringing It In And Other Rituals: New Year’s Traditions From Around The World

How do you celebrate the new year? Booze? Lentils? Party Hats? Resolutions? New Year's is one of those holidays that, regardless of where you live (provided you are connected to civilization and not living off the grid or in a tree), is celebrated by most people around the world. Many cultures have similar traditions but … Continue reading Ringing It In And Other Rituals: New Year’s Traditions From Around The World