Sex And Dating: Culture Versus Nature?

Did Darwin have it wrong when it came to evolutionary biology and mating behavior?  An article in this Sunday's NY Times poses an interesting argument about the influence of culture. Darwin Was Wrong About Dating A COUPLE of evolutionary psychologists recently published a book about human sexual behavior in prehistory called “Sex at Dawn.” … Continue reading Sex And Dating: Culture Versus Nature?


Seeing a lot of hipsters sporting mustaches and beards these days? Wondering why those hippies don’t just go get haircuts? Are you wondering if the Beard Czar competition is in your city?  But then taking a closer look and realizing that those handlebars, mutton-chops and soul patches are meticulously groomed? As it turns out, I … Continue reading Mustache-Mania

Access to sex in middle class America

In a more tribal environment where existence is a bit more precarious and a potential mate's worth might be rooted ability to hunt and protect, or the nature of their physique implying rugged offspring, access to females for sex is typically based on these factors. If we were lords and kings vying for land rights … Continue reading Access to sex in middle class America