This blog captures my generational identity crisis perfectly and I think most of my friends will agree!

So-Called Millennial

I was chatting with a friend the other day who just had a baby girl that she named Felicity. I love the name and asked my friend if it was a family name. She said no, she’s just always liked it, and added that she has always loved the show Felicity that was on WB back in the day. I used to watch that as well, and we reminisced over the Ben/Felicity/Noel love triangle, and admitted we both always wanted Felicity to end up with Ben. A few days after this conversation I was inspired to to binge-watch Felicity on Netflix. Watching this show I realized that I didn’t have an awkward sense of style in my early high school years, and that it was the fault of late-90s style that drove me to wear huge wool sweaters, and baggy pants.

My friend, six years older than me, is generally…

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Calling All Millennials: Do I Have You Pegged?

I frequently get called on to talk to clients and help them understand this "elusive" generation of teens and young adults we call "Millennials" or "Gen Y". This generation is in an interesting stage of evolution: some are in still in high school while the oldest are approaching their mid thirties and general this group … Continue reading Calling All Millennials: Do I Have You Pegged?

I think we can all relate to this one. It actually makes me want to give all Millennials a Xanax and tell them it’s going to be okay…

So-Called Millennial


“Fear of Missing out” isn’t exactly new, but has been taken to new extremes with the 24/7 access of social media. Simon Kelner of The Independent wrote the article Is FOMO depriving us of our ability to exist in the present and take pleasure in the here and now? He says of FOMO:

“you’re immediately paralysed with anxiety, unable to enjoy what’s in front of you because you feel something better, more exciting, more important is happening elsewhere.” In the world of Facebook and Twitter, this equates to seeing someone post pictures from a party you weren’t at, or share holiday snaps from a glamorous location, or to eavesdropping on an exchange of tweets about a film that has passed you by, or a trend of which you are simply not aware.

FOMO copyAs a Millennial, I can relate to having this fear in the not-so-distant past.

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Are Millennials stuck in an entertainment-choice rut because of their stunted growth? I wouldn’t dare say so, but lets see what one “so-called Millennial” thinks….

So-Called Millennial

We all have slips of judgement, and poor taste at times when it comes to our entertainment choices. I tease my husband for watching reruns of He-Man, but not as much as he teases me for watching Days of Our Lives. Not many people my age can say they have been watching Days for 21 years (I’m only 28). It’s not something to brag about, but still true. I take the ups and downs of the people of Salem with a grain of salt. The events twist and turn in a way that’s entertaining, but doesn’t challenge me to think on a deeper level. That is the point.

In the article The novel America needs in 2013 (CNN News) by author Mark Bauerlein, he points the embarrassing entertainment choices of Millennials. He blames the the poor entertainment choices on the stalled adulthood of Millennials:

“Adolescence used to be…

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A Perspective On Youth Culture and Brand Engagement

The Narcissistic Anthropologist unveiled! 😉 Here is a clip from an American Marketing Association Event where I had the pleasure of contributing to a dialogue on understanding the context of brand engagement with Millennials (basically anyone from teens to 35 year-olds). I thought it might be cool for my readers to see that marketers are … Continue reading A Perspective On Youth Culture and Brand Engagement