Narcissistic Reflections on a Blog Experiment: Day 365

Today is the last day of a 365-day commitment I made to myself (without consulting my wife, which in hindsight might not have been a good idea) to post a blog every single day. I did it for a number of reasons: to be more disciplined about practicing the urgent work of noticing, to become … Continue reading Narcissistic Reflections on a Blog Experiment: Day 365

Yes young people are narcissists. No it is not a good thing.

Do I already need to say anything by way of introduction? 😉

So-Called Millennial

So, you’re Young and Self-Absorbed?

Millennials did you read the TIME article “Me, Me, Me Generation” by Joel Stein? Take a look at the opening paragraph:

Correction Appended: May 9, 2013

I am about to do what old people have done throughout history: call those younger than me lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow. But I have studies! I have statistics! I have quotes from respected academics! Unlike my parents, my grandparents and my great-grandparents, I have proof. (TIME) would just skip the TIME article and go straight to The Atlantic Wire’s  Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation which builds a strong case that, well every generation has been criticized by their elders when coming of age. It also lampoons the TIME articles’ main point that Narcissistic personality disorder is three times higher(!) in people in their 20s than people over 65 and older.

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Internetiquiette 101: Social Media Boundaries

I have to admit that being an active social media participant-observer is exhausting albeit gratifying work.  Being a good anthropologist and narcissist, I find myself frequently assessing my reactions others'  social media behavior as influenced by the collective of digital compatriots whom I also have occasion to see in real life from time to time. … Continue reading Internetiquiette 101: Social Media Boundaries

Some Inspiration to Create The Future

This is creative inspiration week for the Narcissistic Anthropologist.  I am involved in a project where I am seeking vision from others and thought I would share one nugget that made me smile today. For all of us with grand designs to change the world - or at least make a sizable dent in it, … Continue reading Some Inspiration to Create The Future

Inglorious Blogging: Intention Versus Reality

People blog for a lot of reasons, I suppose.  Some people just need free therapy - a place to dump out all the random thoughts in their head.  Some people blog to hone their writing skills.  Some are narcissists who think the world needs to hear what they have to say (I don't know anybody … Continue reading Inglorious Blogging: Intention Versus Reality

The Unintended Art Of Misusing Social Networks

Now watch closely, because I am about to perpetrate. I would like to start by pointing out here for the sake of irony that that in my very first blog I wrote: "I was recently told by a ten year old who was told by his Dad that Facebook is for Narcissists. I LOVE FACEBOOK! … Continue reading The Unintended Art Of Misusing Social Networks