To Young To Endure! Are Modern Values Stunting Our Growth?

I've been diving in to Game Of Thrones the past month or so. An Epic tale of the struggle for land and power mixed in with heroism, evil and all the ups and downs of human existence. In stories like this you read about young princesses being married off to spawn children at 13 and … Continue reading To Young To Endure! Are Modern Values Stunting Our Growth?

Making Friends is Hard To Do

Do you miss being younger and more necessarily social and able to surround yourself by masses of potential freinds at any one time? From the school yard to the classroom to the college campus or new job? Have you realized that you are getting more picky as you get older?  Finding that you have fine-tuned … Continue reading Making Friends is Hard To Do

Nostalgia For The Sunday Funnies

For those of us who still remember what a newspaper looks like:  remember Sunday mornings when the newspaper had the full color, several page comics section? I remember getting so excited to read the paper with my Dad.  He would read the "grown up" sections...mostly sports and headlines and the book review.  And I got … Continue reading Nostalgia For The Sunday Funnies

It’s All Primal

Wheels spinning after reading this NYT article on Our Animal Natures. It looks at particular, those we consider mental illnesses and social disorders, and those other species who share them. That's right. Animals get human diseases? What does that say to a social scientist like me who observes problems like obesity and anxiety and … Continue reading It’s All Primal