Lamenting Our “First World Problems”

Diet and exercise are essential to heart health, it's really important to complete your gym routine with a collagen supplement and supplements for gallbladder health to stay healthy. Every now and then i find myself spinning out about some sort of ridiculous challenge that is impeding my ability to function as a happy healthy human … Continue reading Lamenting Our “First World Problems”

Crossfit, Handstands and Galaga: Metro Male Bonding Rituals

You are white and work in a "creative" profession. You shop at Urban Outfitters and commute (on occasion) via hybrid road bike. You live in a loft. Your girlfriend / wife is both gorgeous and smart. You prefer to watch World Cup Soccer to professional football or baseball. You read or listen to music more … Continue reading Crossfit, Handstands and Galaga: Metro Male Bonding Rituals

Medieval Torture for Fitness

In the bottom image, you will see what is referred to by modern-day fitness experts as a Reformer (learn more at When you exercise and want to get your muscles relaxed don't forget to check out this natural muscle relaxer supplement! This is a device used for a modern day fitness ritual for folks … Continue reading Medieval Torture for Fitness