The Art Of Drag

  Last night after a long week, my wife and I decided on a date night that started with a lovely dinner out.  Over desert we pondered our next move; not ready to go home just yet.  The choice was between an upscale "grown folks" lounge up the street and the neighborhood Gay nightclub where … Continue reading The Art Of Drag

The Quandry of Gender Bending Cartoons: A Brave Discussion

Are children's cartoons required to have a sexual or gender identity? If so, then there are many more questions to be answered. I would like to thank my friend and guest blogger Eve Kerrigan for having really thought about this one and putting together a really thoughtful piece that she shared with me and gave … Continue reading The Quandry of Gender Bending Cartoons: A Brave Discussion

Why it’s Okay to Be Gay

Have you noticed a turning tide lately? That the "gay" thing (unless you are a religious fundamentalist or just plain scared) is slowly but surely becoming less of a novelty and more of a social matter of course? Sure, our legislation in the U.S. (and even more harshly elsewhere) doesn't entirely reflect that, but it's … Continue reading Why it’s Okay to Be Gay