Nine Pieces From Ninth Street: Philly street Art

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Philly this week for the second time in a few months doing some fieldwork. My team and I spent time in several neighborhoods - in people's homes observing life and food culture. I remember before we arrived someone mentioned that a few of the blocks … Continue reading Nine Pieces From Ninth Street: Philly street Art

Banksy’s Street Art Sale Stunt: Proving a Case That Street Art is Just as Niche as “High” Art?

Saw this article on a friend's facebook feed from about infamous street artist Banksy's latest stunt in the name of art and social commentary.  It showed this recent video of a art sale Bansky staged in NYC this weekend (among the other Central Park art stands).  It was attended by an old man and … Continue reading Banksy’s Street Art Sale Stunt: Proving a Case That Street Art is Just as Niche as “High” Art?

Best of The Best Street Art and the Role of Art In An Urban Context

My favorite thing about street art is that it puts art, literally, in context.  Rather, it creates art within a context: expressing something about local and / or popular social mores in a forum that allows denizens of  that context to be disrupted with a different kind of conversation starter. It addresses issues relevant to … Continue reading Best of The Best Street Art and the Role of Art In An Urban Context

A Walk Through East Atlanta

My wife and I took an early evening stroll through an often-missed-by-tourists-and-transients part of Atlanta last night. We had both spent most of the week down with a lovely stomach flu and wanted to get out for a minute. Typically, we would head to this part of town for evening's hijynx: drinking and generally hunting … Continue reading A Walk Through East Atlanta

Some Inspiration For The Street Art Fans

On day two of my current project, I continue to get bombarded by the context that shapes the lives of Cultural Creatives. Today, I found the link to hookedblog It's a UK based street art blog. This was submitted by a grad student from Colombia studying in the UK, who follows DJs and street artists.  … Continue reading Some Inspiration For The Street Art Fans

Frenchmen Street: The Artist’s NOLA

On our second night in New Orleans (NOLA to you hipster artsy types) we did a traditional creole dinner and headed down to Frenchmen street to pay a visit to our new friend who coordinates the artist's market. This is one of my favorite parts of town, because it reeks of dirty hippie kids, salt … Continue reading Frenchmen Street: The Artist’s NOLA

Some New Orleans Street Art

Strolling off the beaten path of the French quarter, down the service alleys and even into the bywater you can find some interesting impromptu "galleries" with local flavor painted in the walls. Apparently there are a couple of Banksy pieces in town as well which we are going to hunt down today, but yesterday afternoon … Continue reading Some New Orleans Street Art

Ironically, I was just sharing one of my posts about Banksy (namely the one about Nick Stern’s photo interpretations of his work and how this elevates them to “high art”). I feel so white right now I can’t even stand it.

Other Voices


Recently, Nina Simon summarized the posts of several bloggers on the lack of ethnic diversity in the arts.  This past week she posted On White Privilege and Museums that explores museums as venues of white privilege.  Comments responding to the latter post are plentiful (over 30) and range across a broad spectrum from support to rejection with opinions divided more-or-less akin to a bell-shaped curve.

An important tool for approaching diversity in museums rests in Simon’s model of the co-creative projects she discusses in The Participatory Museum.  Simon (2010:187) writes the purpose of a co-creative community project is “To give voice and be responsive to the needs and interests of local community members; to provide a place for community engagement and dialogue; and to help participants develop skills that will support their own individual and community goals.” This nuts and bolts approach was addressed in a recent guest post on…

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Barcelona’s Disenfranchised Street Art

Barcelona has an interesting and unique vibe when in comes to the. Street art scene. By way if what's out there you see way more tagging than actually artistic expression. Most surfaces are fair game, including churches and sides of buildings on main thoroughfares and the government has done a lot to crack down in … Continue reading Barcelona’s Disenfranchised Street Art

Street Art In Montmarte: From The District That Inspired A New School

Today was the last day of our trip to Paris and we spent it enjoying the D'Orsay museum that houses the more "provocative" art from the late 19th century and early 20th century. I went expecting the impressionists to be the period that I would find most inspiring, but was introduced to an education on … Continue reading Street Art In Montmarte: From The District That Inspired A New School