Sports With Balls: A Timeless Human Ritual

It's a Sunday in January in the U.S.A, which means that (according to a 2011 Harris Poll survey) 64% of the population will be watching football at some point today.  Among those, 2/3rds of men and just over half of all women.  According to another survey (by Gallup), only about 41% of Americans attend weekly … Continue reading Sports With Balls: A Timeless Human Ritual

Nostalgia For The Sunday Funnies

For those of us who still remember what a newspaper looks like:  remember Sunday mornings when the newspaper had the full color, several page comics section? I remember getting so excited to read the paper with my Dad.  He would read the "grown up" sections...mostly sports and headlines and the book review.  And I got … Continue reading Nostalgia For The Sunday Funnies