The Beer Lovers Guide To Travel

This post in it's original form can be found on Let's Grab A Beer's Tumblr Page, where I contribute content as "The Beer Behaviorist" to help the world appreciate beer through a culture-focused lens.  Points of view are based on ethnographic fieldwork i have conducted / am continuing to conduct among beer lovers! As a professional … Continue reading The Beer Lovers Guide To Travel

Lamenting Our “First World Problems”

Diet and exercise are essential to heart health, it's really important to complete your gym routine with a collagen supplement and supplements for gallbladder health to stay healthy. Every now and then i find myself spinning out about some sort of ridiculous challenge that is impeding my ability to function as a happy healthy human … Continue reading Lamenting Our “First World Problems”

Frenchmen Street: The Artist’s NOLA

On our second night in New Orleans (NOLA to you hipster artsy types) we did a traditional creole dinner and headed down to Frenchmen street to pay a visit to our new friend who coordinates the artist's market. This is one of my favorite parts of town, because it reeks of dirty hippie kids, salt … Continue reading Frenchmen Street: The Artist’s NOLA

Tales Of An Anthropological Experience on The Queen Mary 2

I would like to thank Dwight Garner and his article in this Sunday's New York Times Travel section on his experience aboard the QM2 for solidifying my choice for a pre-retirement career: travel journalist! The fact of the matter is, even though a vacation on the QM2 might never be my speed, the subculture experience … Continue reading Tales Of An Anthropological Experience on The Queen Mary 2

Office Acculturation 108: Business Travel Rituals and Protocol

Part of the glamorous life of many corporate professionals is the business trip - pulling on your traveling pants and heading to client meetings, conferences, focus groups and other such adventures.  It's a life that young professionals aspire to and get tired of by the time they are in their late twenties.  Many people envision … Continue reading Office Acculturation 108: Business Travel Rituals and Protocol

Barcelona: En Fuego

Last night was our first night in Barcelona: the second half of our trip and from what I can tell by niche número uno it also promises to be the more exciting half. Don't get me wrong. Paris is lovely. Rife with fashionable locals and drenched with European culture but most certainly the more bourgeois … Continue reading Barcelona: En Fuego