Inglorious Blogging: Intention Versus Reality

People blog for a lot of reasons, I suppose.  Some people just need free therapy - a place to dump out all the random thoughts in their head.  Some people blog to hone their writing skills.  Some are narcissists who think the world needs to hear what they have to say (I don't know anybody … Continue reading Inglorious Blogging: Intention Versus Reality

Vin Diesel: The Man-Brand On My Mind

What do you get when you mix Die-Hard era Bruce Willis with The Rock and sprinkle in a little Jersey-Shore Pauly D - minus the hair grease? Well, minus the hair too, actually. You get Vin Diesel; 21st century American Man-Brand. He is to pop cinema what J Lo is to pop music: a reflection … Continue reading Vin Diesel: The Man-Brand On My Mind