A Walk Through East Atlanta

My wife and I took an early evening stroll through an often-missed-by-tourists-and-transients part of Atlanta last night. We had both spent most of the week down with a lovely stomach flu and wanted to get out for a minute.

Typically, we would head to this part of town for evening’s hijynx: drinking and generally hunting down some trouble when we have a wild hair – as it is known as a great down-n-dirty party locale for locals because of its string of bars and nightlife that takes all kinds and all budgets.

However, spending some time in the daylight you can see a little bit more depth on your journey through the neighborhood. At dinner (the hipster taco place that serves things like grass fed brisket and organic margaritas) we were surrounded by Gen X parents – tables of couples in their late thirties and early forties with newborns and toddlers . We were reminded of the “alternative lifestyle” choices that reside here – the heterosexual artists who took their time settling down , and chose to live a little left of center before getting decent-enough paying jobs to buy / rent a home in a not-quite-yet gentrified part of town. These residents are mixed in with the less economically fortunate legacy residents of the Afrocan American Community as well as a collection of young artists who’s work can be seen on stickers and random acts of street art throughout the neighborhood.

But what binds all the residents of this part if Atlanta’s world together seems to be a taste for the ecclectic that makes a neighborhood a home.

Here are some photos from our early evening after- dinner walk as a preview. I recommend both Atlantans and outsiders head down I-20 East to have a look with open eyes sometime and enjoy the perspective.










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