Rich People Problems

Because context is everything and we all have problems….

  • “My SUV is in the shop so i have to use the convertible  to go grocery shopping”
  • “There isn’t a whole foods in my neighborhood”
  • “The beach house i wanted to rent is unavailable / doesn’t take dogs”
  • “My dog has allergies”
  • “My portfolio is doing poorly”
  • “My Nespresso machine is broken and I have to stop at Starbucks on my way to work now”
  • “My hair stylist is in rehab for the next six months”
  • “My maid is taking the entire month off”
  • “They discontinued my favorite anti-aging cream”
  • “My kid only got into one of their “safety” schools”
  • “My Dog’s day care is relocating”
  • “That new restaurant I want to try has a three week waiting list for reservations”
  • “Our Lake house needs a new dock”
  • “The country club has really gone down hill since new management has taken over”
  • “Now that I got that raise I’m in a higher tax bracket”

Feel free to add to the list…..

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