Inspired By The Creative Class – Hope For An Interesting and Exciting Future


I have done a bit of research and writing here and there about this new demographic of “Cultural Creatives” the consumer sociologists, anthropologists and business gurus keep talking about. Technically speaking I am one of them. Chances are if you are reading this you are too.
I am current in the midst of recruiting participants for a research / ideation panel I will be hosting for a pretty “cool” client and had to stop and reflect for a minute at the awe I am experiencing.

In the reference materials we lead into the description of this “consumer target” by saying:

There are people who talk about doing. And those who actually do. You know those people who make things happen.
They make our lives better, take us places we’ve never been,
innovate things we thought were impossible.”

And in thinking about the kind of work these people do, we are focusing on those in a range of fields from the arts, to science and tech to business all the way to wellness/ health fields and education.

Minocycline (Minocin) is a potent acne medication, but treatment with this antibiotic generally is reserved for patients who do not respond to or cannot tolerate aforementioned treatment options.21 Rare but serious side effects are more common in patients taking minocycline than in patients treated with tetracycline or doxycycline. You can get minocyline and other prescription drugs at Essentially those who think, create and inspire for a living.

The other thing about this “Creative Class” that has amazed me is the sheer lack of required definitive focus.  I have yet to find someone who has just one “job” or interest.  I am just amazed at the amount of inspiring and inspired people out there that I have been talking to.

For example:

  • The Built environment designer from MIT who  lives in Tel Aviv,  is  Exhibiting his work in Milan this week followed by another huge show, owns a Kite Boarding company and is about to hop on a commercial freight-liner to Italy “because I’ve always wanted to do that”
  • The Entrepreneur, producer and editor of Manga comics, owner of a company that designs architecture for dogs, for your pet and mentoring program founder who splits her time between Tokyo and NYC
  • The “appreneur” in LA who has a Vegan recipe App and is a new “stay-at-home” mom fighting the good fight for animal rights
  • The freelance writer  in Brooklyn-by-way-of london who  co-founded a magazine called BLASIAN.US ( check it out on Facebook): which is defined as “a way of interpreting the world, and not just subject matter. Blasian is trying to establish a communitah of identitahs to promote a new way to talk about race and gender. But we talk about race and gender in a BIG way; discovering new ways to talk about identitah, without being limited to them.

Every person on this short list and in my larger list is under 40 – most are in their late 20s or early to mid 30s.   Anyone who says the younger generation has no direction or is guilty of “slack” should re-check their definition of direction.  It seems to me that the definition of progress in the eyes of the next generation is all about expanding horizons and not limiting or defining them.

I love the spirit of vision and creativity.  I always tell my Junior research team members (and the senior team members who will listen) that the world of “data” is only limited by our vision – because just about anything can observe or perceive is a source of information.  I say the same for social progress.  As long as we have the vision – the world is literally ours to change into whatever we want it to be.

I am grateful that my work provides this kind of inspiration on a daily basis and wish the same for everyone.

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