Hypepotamus: The Atlanta Creative Class Creating Their Own Empowerment Platform

My favorite thing about the Creative Class as a growing sub-culture, economic force and general psychographic is the mindset that you don’t have to change the system from within the system. Rather, you change the system by inventing a new one!

Kevin Wallace  and Health Hyneman are both native Atlantans, entrepreneurs and innovators with proven business success who are vested in their home town and in its future – as well as the future of other talented young entrepreneurs  in Atlanta.  They saw a problem:  a city that houses and produces a TON of talent in design, coding, storytelling, innovation and other consumer-facing content-development careers, but ends up losing them.  Why?  Because there is not a support system there to empower them, connect them to one another and to the local marketplace.   They wanted to help.  So they decided to share their success by creating a space to help them and connect them, so they could create the change they wanted to see.

Here is a note from their “About” page that gives you a window into their inspiration

“Atlanta has great developers, designers, storytellers and innovators. Many of these guys don’t even know the other exists or that she’s in school or working just down the street. Most of these guys don’t realize that there are great startups in Atlanta that are in need of the skills and expertise that they posses. These same startups don’t know that some of the best creative schools are in town. Sadly, many of these guys end up leaving Atlanta because they aren’t aware of the resources and opportunity that exists nearby.

We continue to encounter these issues, whether as mentors to Atlanta startups, through conversations with both random and filtered students or while recruiting for our own business (bootstrapped e-commerce startup scaled to agile, customer-centered, multichannel platform). We see this lack of awareness as a major problem in Atlanta, and a roadblock to having a collaborative community that both supports it’s startups and attracts more resources.

This is a self-fulfilling problem that needs a long-term, self-fulfilling solution. We see this happening from the ground up through awareness, collaboration and education of the students, schools and startups of Atlanta. This solution requires a central, agile space for creative collaboration and education, with passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs as the heart, as well as a digital platform to enable discovery, connectivity, education, validation and storytelling.”

I see innovations like this popping up all over the country and it’s a trend that gives me hope that Millennials in particular don’t have to settle for the hand that’s been dealt to them.  Their American Dream may have turned into a bit of a harsh reality, but the good news is a new reality is underway…empowered by a new perspective for a new era being ushered in by our “Conceptual” Economy.   It looks like this whole “empowerment” trend is really taken off – creating a new game that encourages everyone to play so everybody wins!

For more about Hypepotamus, visit their website HERE.

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