Rock Out With Your Ukelele Out


There used to be this blog I followed called “Stuff White People Like”.

One of said “stuff” was “irony”.

Ukeleles hadn’t made it to thelist yet, but I am sure it would make the cut now.

How is it that the tiny guitar made it to the top of the adorkable accessory list?

I think it has everything to diwith making creativity and music more accessible to the hordes of disenchanted white collar workers and middle-class poor entrepreneurs who chased their ambitions to economic exhaustion and are now having midlife crises but can’t afford a Statacaster, much less able to spare the energy to learn how to rock it out.

So, we (yes…as in the royal “we”) learn to embrace the irony of our great white hope and learn to strum the little guitar to Sabbath.

It is the way of the Gen X/Y early onset midlife crisis.

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